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There will come a time when every indie developer or business will eventually start the search for a place in the cloud to call their home.

A lot of times this is done my searching and then settling on the first one that looks good, others may go deeper down the rabbit hole and could end up spending hours searching before finding something they can start with.  Worse yet, chances are high that those who are first looking for a cloud will not even know at that moment everything they need to get started or even how well the cloud would scale and what about the future costs?  What about the additional work that’s involved? a cPanels? Does that matter?

Times like this it can be quite a stressful moment.  We all know that having the wrong host can cripple not only your website but your games as well since it could go down all the time, be super slow, or worse yet, close up shop and taking everything with them.

Good news, this article is going to focus a hidden gem on the internet and a gift to all indie developers everywhere.

We are talking about the Cloud Web-Host Viewen.com.

Have you ever found yourself looking for a that cloud Web-Host that met everyone of your needs at a reasonable price?   Are you disappointed time and time again by false promises and failure to deliver Web-Hosts?

Let’s be blunt, you owe it to yourself to have a host that will check every spot on your checklist.

We already have discovered this Web-Host and now it’s your turn to read on to discover why you should be using Viewen.What is Viewen.com?

Viewen.com has become a leading provider of free cloud-based platform solutions that has been designed to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online.

Viewen.com was founded and located in Houston.  It is a Cloud Web Hosting company whose purpose is to provide a publishing and web hosting platform that is available to everyone.

Viewen.com offers so many features for free they consistently exceed all users expectations and surpass all the other free Web-Hosting sites on the internet today.

Viewen.com is a Proper Free, Cloud Web-Host.

Viewen.com serves members globally with a comprehensive and integrated suite of products and services from free to premium, paid services.  By the combination of free and paid options they provide the ideal Web-Hosting solution for any cloud business.

Viewen.com currently offers ten different server options for your cloud hosting needs, which are all Free, then extremely fast hardware for a small prime fee which also includes 24/7 phone support.

History of Viewen.com

Let’s first take a moment to appreciate the fact that for over 10 years, the CEO of Viewen.com, Orlando Delcid, has worked conscientiously as an objective voice within the Web-Hosting industry.  Racking up years of experience while impressively working for one of the world’s largest web hosting companies, HostGator.  He was provided the oppurtunity to learn and grow to understand what it takes to approach and succeed in the cloud hosting platform.   During his time there he was mentored by some of the best in the business where he learned to master the skills to succeed in cloud hosting.  From that point on and going forward,  he has continued to make lasting contributions to the entire industry.

Some of you may remember a time when Viewen.com had first started offering the free cloud based hosting services and making them available to everyone.  It’s natural that people were initially shocked and found it extremely hard to believe that a Web-Host not only could, but would provide this kind of service, free!

There was and always will be those in the industry or any for that matter that are skeptical of innovation and turn away from change and perhaps even yourself as your reading this struggle to understand the how and why someone would offer such a great thing for free.

Many have thought the same way, at first.  This was because they did not understand how to take this concept of offering such an amazing top-notch service for free.  No features held back, they provided a absolute free Web-Host service that was there to see people succeed, for free.

Ask yourself, what do you think about the CEO, Orlando Delcid’s decision?

Thankfully, and many years later, Viewen has built up an enormous amount of support and positive feedback from all around the world with a flourishing  community.  Citizens of Viewen have amassed and populated the servers named after cities and built up a group of members who all want to achieve success and want to see others succeed also.

Overtime, many people have converted and becoming Citizen’s.  They are now strong believers and supporters of Viewen.

Now it’s your turn.

History of Viewen.com CEO, Orlando Delcid

In was back in time of exciting technolgies, it was 2009.  It was then, future CEO, Orlando Delcid had a vision.  He imagined a perfect platform to share with the world.  It was from this vision that Viewen was originally said to have been originally inspired.

Viewen was based on the idea that we all share common a view and are better off expressing that view rather than burying them.  At the time however, Viewen was founded,  it was originally known as a platform for up-and-coming actors.  It is worth mentioning that it believed many of these actors have gone on to become quite famous.

It was during this period, 2009-2011, that Orlando had worked tirelessly with team of dedicated and talented individuals to produce a local and successful sitcom called, “Afterschool Starz”.  They we recognized for their talent and produced several episodes.  After they continued to be involved until 2011, when the project was wrapped up.   It was at this point Orlando moved forward and started working for HostGator.com.

Then, during this time period, 2011-2016, Orlando found himself in this new and wonderful position.  While he worked at HostGator, Orlando was provided with a wonderful opportunity as the position he was in allowed him to work closely with the individuals of upper management @HostGator.  These  individuals , who at the time, could be argued to be considered some of the best and brightest in their respective positions in the Web-Hosting industry.

Since his position allowed him close proximity to other liked minded employees who, even though were in in upper management, took the time recognized the great potential in Orlando and in turn mentored him along the way in the ways of the hosting industry.

After being successful in that position and now and going forward, he is the Founder and CEO of Viewen.com.

Orlando and his wife Simone have and still to this day find themselves in leading the way in cloud-based hosting becoming one of the most stand out companies on the internet today.

Were here to build a relationship with our base, and help you accomplish your purpose by offering guided assistance as you start your web presence journey. We know the process is not easy, however our honesty is what helps us understand your specific challenges. By providing our base with the most cutting edge tools, we help make your experience that more easy, however, there’s still a lot a work to do, and were ready to help you grow.“–CEO, Orlando Delcid

The Viewen.com Difference

Let’s now face the reality of the situation we are faced with when looking for and trying to decide at a Web-Host cloud solution.

When your just starting out and you need to get your project up and going – without any cost to you, what options do you really have?

“You have Viewen.”

Everyone can agree that often using a paid hosting plan often can make sense since it has all the features you need and if we want more, we can pay for more but what about free options? Free is often limited.

Let’s agree that we all love free stuff.   People just love free stuff.  Look at Facebook and Free email, free web searching, or even a free toaster to open a bank account.  When we hear the word “free,” it’s hard for them to resist.  But those things hardly ever are free.

You pay with your personal information to have a limited account with the option to pay more for them to allow you more features while they harvest your information.  A lot of free Web-Host have been known to just disappear.

But don’t despair….

If you’re the kind of thinker that believes that such a good company should exist, then you come will come to appreciate Viewen.com.

They are the top-notch, best, feature rich, free cloud web hosting company (and the only completely free) host on the market.

No one compares, seriously we looked.

Another really cool stand out feature about Viewen is that they offer the exact same cPanel as the major players in paid hosting provide, for FREE. In fact, they share the exact same data center as they do so what does this mean to you as a member?

This means that the cpanel that Viewen uses has a zero difference to the other offerings cPanel or quality of service.

As advertised with paid hosting, you get a premium cPanel which you would use to manage most aspects of your website.

A lot these paid hosting companies also provide you scripts, you can click that will allow you to automatically install WordPress or any of the major CMS scripts.  Without any effort, easy.

At Viewen, you will have all that available to you also, but for free.

When it comes to those other “free” and “paid” Web-Host companies, they always seem to have a “hidden agenda”.

To be fair, it’s their purpose in business to turn a profit and it’s their focus and goal to turn every free client into a paying customer, and up sell every paying customer.

This often comes with a great hidden cost.  It’s a cost that is passed on to it’s users.  And for those that think that it’s free, keep in mind as “free” clients, your host may not really caring about your overall need or care about seeing you being successful.  It’s their only concern to get as much money out of you before you move on to something better.  The worst thing for them is you become enlightened.

When it comes to Web-Hosting, it’s without mistake, a unique industry.  It’s also an industry where customer service is not always the priority.

Many Web-Host’s have already decided that profits matter more than customer satisfaction.  This is thankfully not the case with Viewen.com.

Although they follow the same sort of industry trends, they have approached it in another unique first by rather than focusing on one on one, individual customer service, they have built one of the most active and involved communities that is their to support others.

They did this by focusing on the one thing that really matters, and that’s You and your success.

What it means to be a Viewen.com Citizen

One of the unique things about this Web-Host is that on top of wanting to be come your cloud Web-Host of choice for hosting your site, it is also Viewen’s goal is to help guide your desire to build an online presence by publishing a website.

All users are important and as such are recognized as not only members, but as Citizens.  Each Citizen also populates servers which they also name each server after a City to really make it feel like a community.

As a particular member of a cloud City, you’ll meet other Citizens who will will also help you grow.

Viewen also has one of the most diverse support team’s in the history of free web hosting.  Today, when values and culture now play a big part in what we believe and what we do, they are there to earn your trust, and help you grow as a business.  When you have a question, they encourage you to feel free and a start a live chat.

Were here to build a relationship with our base, and help you accomplish your purpose by offering guided assistance as you start your web presence journey. We know the process is not easy, however our honesty is what helps us understand your specific challenges. By providing our base with the most cutting edge tools, we help make your experience that more easy, however, there’s still a lot a work to do, and were ready to help you grow.“–CEO, Orlando Delcid

Even though the founders may be located Houston, Texas with servers located in Kansas City, they work along with people from all over the world, from from India, to Canada, Japan to Nepal, Pakistan to Sweden, and more around the world!

Viewen.com is Truly Free Cloud Hosting

Let’s assume that if your still reading this you are interested in or have at least at some point searched for a free Web-Host.  If you have not had that pleasure we strongly encourage every single reader to do a search and see for themselves first hand all the options and services they can find that are provided for free, then stack those up and compare to those to Viewen.com.

Knowing what we know and the features that are available we are comfortable in stating that Viewen is in fact an exclusive paid platform experience that is available to you, for free, but also with extra perks to those who show their support and become prime members by faster equipment and 24/7 phone support.

You owe it to yourself to experience what were talking about and see what it’s like to belong to an elite community that is open to all as they really cares so you can easily understand why they are one of the highest ranking companies in the world for Free Cloud Hosting.

When it comes comparing the features that are provided free of charge to those elsewhere, people often come to the same conclusion, they are happy to to discover that Viewen does not require payment or sell you any  product you must purchase to access and provides these features for free.

Currently, on the web today, Viewen is the absolute only, Proper, Free, Full Featured Cloud Host that not only provides a stable and powerful platform, you get a cPanel along with all the features you need to grow and start your cloud experience.

Oh, you also get a support team that wants you to succeed, did we mention that’s all for Free!

Our goals have always been to offer the most amazing Free Cloud Web Hosting.” –CEO, Orlando Delcid

There are only 2 things that they ask of their members, or once accepted, a Citizens is:

  1. First of all,  as a Citizen you need to verify your identity not by credit card or photo ID, but by simply providing them a link to your Facebook page.   They only use that to verify it’s your page.  You can simply give their Facebook page a like and to be honest, it’s quite a simple way to get yourself access to unlimited cloud resources.
  2. Now the second thing is also just as easy as the first.  All they ask is that if the services they have provided made a difference in your life and you’re happy with it, simply share Viewen on your Facebook timeline once a month as your way of showing support for this platform.

At Viewen we believe that by providing our Cloud Platform, this will alleviate some of the financial burdens on our Citizens, and provide them some extra cash that they can invest in their marketing. In fact, the right marketing is the key to making a website successful. If your vision is to grow, our platform was designed for that exact purpose.“–CEO, Orlando Delcid

Highlight of Free services of Viewen.com

  • Free Cpanel (with all latest features)
  • Free SSL
  • Free Customer support/chat
  • No advertisement
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited websites

No money, no ads, no contract, no credit cards, and no up-sells. They keep nice, clean and simple.

Viewen.com Prime Membership (Paid Hosting)

Now considering everything is offered for free you might be asking yourself what is the advantage of being a Viewen Prime member and upgrading to a paid Citizen?

For the most part, the biggest advantage of paid hosting is that you get actual phone support.  You also get access to blazing fast SSD’s to provide the fastest experience for all your cloud uses.

Often what happens with other Web-Hosting companies more times often then not is that when you call in for support you will find that these companies that you have already paid for and calling because of an issue will typically convert that call into a ticket that will be passed on to someone else who will delegate that to someone else.

All the while you will feel helpless as they work you up to start pitching you “upsells” to services and features you likely don’t require or you would be looking for them right?

Something to remember is that phone support for a lot of companies is another typical avenue that’s been created for creating new billing purposes and opportunities.

However, with Viewen Prime you will be provide with support of people who care and want to see your problem fixed as fast as you want to.  Let’s face it, the phone is a lot faster then submitting a ticket.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the great deal you were offered to sign up was just a short term price and in the end you will pay more along with other fees if you transfer out or try to move your site.


My name is Orlando and I’m the CEO of Viewen.

We don’t require any payments details, we challenge everyone to look around the net, and try to find the best company for them.

I worked for the World’s largest web hosting company and I can tell you there are great companies out there.

Viewen is not about competing with others, it’s simply about empowering people to publish their site with out having to worry about making a payment.

We’re not perfect, in fact far from it, but we’re honest and willing to help others.

We offer chat support, ticket support, social ,media support, and phone support if needed.

Hope this helps. I wish the best in finding the right hosting provider for your site, Kind Regards“– Orlando Delcid

If your interested becoming prime or joining, click here.

Why We Choose Viewen.com?

Ultimately, once you consider what’s important to you and your own customers we hope that you will see the benefit and join us in becoming a citizen of Viewen.

The reason we choose them is not only to they offer the best features for a fraction of the cost that’s available elsewhere, they have an amazing support staff that’s there to assist you whether or not your a “free” or “paid” citizen.

The sleek and elegant user interface is something that offers serenity in your dealings of the admin process of your site.  They are just simple to use and are very beginner friendly.

The customer support team handle inquiries with lightning-fast speed, at all times of the day.  The amount you pay to access 24/7 phone support also never changes.

The cPanel interface is about the best and simple in management that you can find with everything right there requiring you to only click on the icons and get to work.

Well if you made it this far with everything that we have discussed you are likely going to if not already signed up.  After all, after reading this and knowing what they offer it’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t choose them.


Disclaimer: The links contained in this article are affiliate links. We are NOT being compensated nor where we approached to do this article by Viewen. Information is based on public available information on the Internet. This was a freelance article without any association.

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