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Thousands of highly-rated assets will be discounted in the Unity Asset Store’s May Madness sale, which started today and continues until May 11. The sale will include 100 top assets at half price, one daily offer of 70% off, and thousands more at 30% off. ” Unity Asset Store

If you have been on the fence about purchasing an asset, now’s the time to make it happen.  Starting today until midnight PST (GMT -8) May 15, the Unity Asset Store is having a epic sale.

May Maddness 2019

Individual assets – 50% off

From Cinematic Anti-Aliasing and Vehicle Physics to Playmaker, Gaia, and the Amplify Shader Editor, this is your chance to step up your Unity game with 350+ assets on sale, including the Asset Store’s most-desired resources.

Bundles – 55% off

Exclusive packs curated by the Asset Store team and top publishers, these complementary asset packages will spark your creativity and increase your productivity.

  • New to Unity game development? The Beginner Bundle makes learning fun with art, terrain, and locomotion assets that improve your games as well as your skills.
  • Give your players the satisfaction of quality particle effects. Destroy anything with the Particle Destruction bundle.
  • Create advanced, vibrant landscapes – from deserts to verdant jungles – using the Vegetation Studio bundle. It includes Vegetation Studio and asset packs hand-picked by Awesome Technologies.
  • Ramp up your productivity with tools that include Bolt visual scripting, the Ferr2D Terrain tool, and much more – all in the Platformer bundle pack, curated by Corgi Engine publisher More Mountains.

Today’s Featured Special

The first big deal of the day kick off the may maddness is Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR, which gives you next-gen offline render quality in real-time — with a single click. To save $136.50 on this asset, order CTTA now.

With a single click, CTAA enables all Unity users to achieve next-generation Cinematic Render Quality results in Real-Time! Reduce and eliminate Aliasing from Specular highlights and bright pixels especially when using post effects such as Bloom or Depth of Field including Aliasing on alpha tested edges. Being a temporal (Time based) process, new pixel data is gathered from past and extrapolated future frames for final reconstruction based on velocity information. Performance is approximately equivalent to standard FXAA.

Be sure to check out the big deal every day for the 70% off May Madness asset which continues each day from now until May 11. These daily deals will be for some of the largest discounts the Unity Asset Store has ever had. (The average discount is over $110 each!).


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