(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make videos/Let’s Plays/live streams of AresTheDog Studio’s games?

Yes of course! We absolutely love it when people do that. AresTheDog Studios, the developer, hereby grants you permission to make videos of AresTheDog Studio’s games for video services such as YouTube and Twitch, and to monetize them if you so wish. You may also reference this page to show you have our blessing and permission.

Note: This applies to finished products only, source code materials are excluded for any such permission.

Can we use your games at a company event or in a school?

A lot of are game title’s will be ‘Free To Play’ and there is no problem playing them as long as the use is non-commercial (i.e. you are not charging players to play).  If the game is not ‘Free To Play’, you would then be required to purchase a license for each “instance” or “seat” of the game that you wish to have running simultaneously.  This would also apply to any source code assets.  Each student/teacher would require a license.

Can we get a discount if we are a school/non-profit/bulk buyer?

We would like to respond personally to this question.  Please contact us for more details.