Thank you for your interest in us.    We appreciate you taking the time to visit us and learn about what were up to and who we are.

AresTheDog Studio was founded on a passion and commitment to create digital solutions and creating memorable gameplay experiences for multiple platforms.  We are a full service a game and application development and production studio that is devoted to creating innovative, high-quality applications & games across a wide variety of platforms & genres.

We not only create & produce original applications & games, we also work as a freelance for hire on projects dedicated to bringing to life your ideas.  We not only create applications and games for our partners both large and small, we also offer a wide range of flexible digital service solutions that are tailor made to our clients needs.

Our studio was founded in late 2017.  We have since worked with countless other professionals, freelancers in the business application, business services and gaming industry and continue to look forward to working with many more.

We have adopted the use of some of the industry leading tools to help facilitate making visions and dreams come true. Our goal is to continuously develop compelling high quality digital solutions and games that people love to use and play.

We are always grateful to our supporters and fans who helped us realize our dreams by creating digital solutions to ever expand our repertoire.

We are based out of Ontario, Canada.  Our passion and creations echo worldwide.


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